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He is the supreme leader who is cannotbe questioned by members of ISIS. Brainwashing Secondly, cult leaders often isolate their group from the rest of the society. Once the isolation has taken place, they polarize their audience’s worldview. A cult’s teachings and reasoning often start with a simple ultimate truth that the entire group is expected to believe. For example, a group with the characteristics of a cult, Falun Gong, believes that when one dies, their spirit can enter and remain in a different world that they call the ‘afterlife’ by practicing the tenets of Falun Gong. In order to remain in this desirable place, similar to being in heaven, rather than constantly being reborn into successive lifetimes of misery, it is necessary for the believers to follow the rules of the cult and obey the orders of their leaders, which can include murder, theft and other serious crimes. The “truth” in this case is a distortion of the basic tenets of Buddhism. Destructive Last but not least, a destructive cult has to be, of course, destructive. They have absolute control over the life and death of their followers.her comment is here

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interview questions

interview questions

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