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It wasn’t so much Oh, he was wearing wrestling boots, but in my mind I was like It’s the wrestling boot. If you ever looked at the spectrum of people in the company wearing sneakers for a long period of time, its only John Cena. interview body languageWhen I broke my leg I came to our head coach with a doctor’s note that said Enzo needs to be wearing sneakers when he wrestles because he broke his leg and that’s what he feels comfortable in. Breaking my leg was the be-all, end-all of wrestling boots [for me], and I turned it into an opportunity to capitalize on a market that I am infatuated with. When I came back, the first pair of shoes I wore when I got in the ring was the Ferrari 14 Jordans. Talk about how you go about setting up your ring attire. Youre coordinated from head to toedoes that come from your love of sneakers or is it more based on your ring persona? No, 100 percent I am all in on color coordinating my outfits and most of the time they are color coordinated based upon the Js on my feet. The outfit I wore at Battleground was made entirely out of cement print and I wore the Neymar 5s in the ring. Sneaker culture, hoop culture, and the athlete cultureis in me. I played sports my whole life, so it’s been one of those things that are second nature to me without even realizing it. I don’t even walk out of the house unless my sneakers match my shirt and match my hat. Obviously Shane McMahon is doing his thing with sneakers and Kofi is also a big sneakerheaddo you guys talk kicks in the locker room?

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In February, the retail giant started selling a new Target brand of childrens bedding, Pillowfort, touted as a more inclusive collection that allows children and parents mix and match different elements and colors. Who are we to say what a childs individual expression is? We really wanted to develop a [childs bedding] collection that would be universal, says Targets senior vice president of design and product development, Julie Guggemos, in a February interview with the Star Tribune. A similar shift is brewing in the childrens clothing sector, including from clothing lines designed and endorsed by celebrities. Actress and mother Jaime King launched a gender neutral clothing line in May with clothing retailer Gardner and the Gang, where each piece of clothing, featuring animal designs, could be marketed to either boys or girls. In 2015, Ellen Degeneres partnered with GapKids to market an E.D. line of kids clothing designed to forego gender cliches for girls and boys. There is the possibility of a stronger trend as Millennials age and become parents.According to MillennialMarketing.com , Millennials make up 25 percent of the American population. One in four Millennials are parents, a number that will grow in the near future. On the whole, Millennials tend to be more open to the idea of gender nonconformity, or individuals acting outside of gender stereotypes, than previous generations.

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interview attire

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